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Boga lake - Bandarban

⊆ 7/09/2009 01:10:00 pm by tabreez mahmud | , , , , . | ˜ 0 comments »

Chittagong - Bandarban city (by bus) - Ruma Bazar (by Chader gari) - Rizuk Water Fall(by Hired boat) - Boga lake (By walking at the Hilly Road about 22km) - Ruma bazar (by walking in Jhiri Pot around 16 km) - Bandarban city (by boat) - Chittagong

me and ilham is the traveller among our friends me, ilham and rashed are always very will for nature.... i am think of about boga lake from a long time but could not manage my friends for go. suddenly at 9 th august me and ilham are plan for go boga lake but rashed was busy at that time so we are go for our trip.... June 8 to June 12 is our tour duration..

last year me, ilham and rashed go at bandarban in august (2008). at that time you visit nilgiriri, chimbok, tiger hill or nilachal view, shoiloppropat, megla, natural park, pranthic lake every thing of bandaban except jadi mandir...

june 8, 2009...

me and ilham go for bandarban city from bahadarhat bus terminal here from 6.30 am to 5.00p.m all the day buses are availble after 30 min. 70tk per person. thats the only bus service from chittagong otherwise you have to reat a car...

our bus is start at 12.30 pm so we reach at city of banddarban 2.3 pm. we check in " hotel Four Star" in the main city infront of dc office. the room was double bed at cost 500tk. we finished our lunch at that building in the first floor the restura named amirabad after a cool shower.

jadi sharno mandir:

Jadi Sharno mandir

Jadi sharno mandir

other statue

then we take rest from while and then take rickshaw at 30 tk only for go there we reached there at 4.30 pm then we leave the rickshaw and its a small money saving technique. we look around jadi mandir after two hour back to hotel and explore the bazar at night... over night at hotel.

ruma bazar:
9 june 2009

ruma bazar...............

early morning we woke up because we have to catch the first chader gari at 8.00am. so we take our break fast then take a rickshaw at 15 taka to ruma bus stand. remember there is only three jeep in day to ruma first one at 8.00 am then 12.00pm and the last one is 3.00pm. per person at 60tk. if u miss the jeep you can hire jeep at 1500 - 1800tk. then our jeep start at 8.00 pm we reach at ruma bazar ghat at 12.00pm then take a boat for ruma bazar at 30tk per person. after 1 hour we reach at ruma bazar at 1.30pm then check in hotel hilton our room is double bed cost 300tk. after along beauty full journey we fresh up and take our lunch.

ruma bazar to rizuk river cruise ...
rizuk water fall:
9 June 2009 at 4.00 pm

Rizuk Water fall

Rizuk water fall..........

Rizuk water fall

On the way of back from waterfall

shango river of the back of rizuk waterfall

Shango River

On the back of Rizzuk waterfall

Shango nodi

we hire a boat at 900tk for rizuk u can bargain there to hire boat then go for rijuk water fall.....
overnight at hotel we hired a guide for go boga lake tomorrow morning at 300tk per day basis. the guide are available you have tell to the hotel.

boga lake
10 June 2009

Trival people are found on the way of boga lake.....

its very important tips to start for boga lake at early morning. so we start at early in the morning because we need 7 hours to reach there. because we decide to go at boga lake in the jeep way which is 22km and very high hills so it take to much time. but it gives very natural scene. on the way of back we decide to back in the jhiripot. tips to know that the 7 hour walking is very difficult so prepare mentally to walk 22km hilly roads. and take pain medicine, saline, glucose and very careful about mosquito's and insects. we reach at boga lake at 1.00pm then we swim at the lake and take delicious tribal food. and look around boga lake and tribal people home. ist very interesting lake bcoz it is 2000 year old lake create by naturally and another thing is that it is 1500ft high lake may be highest lake of Bangladesh.


11 june 2009 we are back for ruma but in our trip the interesting things is that we don't use one way two times. so its another technique to see more palaces visit one place. we go to boga lake in one way and back in other way which is most amazing thing in bandarban. the jhiripot is the other way to go boga lake. we go to back ruma in that way. the way is so cold at the time because when we go bandarban it was rainy season in the rainy season bandarban is look very beautiful two. the jhirpot is very amazing its fully rock way i don't tell any thing about it you cant understand without see it. we take 4 and half hour to reach ruma in 16km jhiripot way. and we start from boga lake 2 pm and reach ruma bazar 6.30pm then we reach in our hotel hilton.

(one important thing is leave your all things to hotel i mean when you start walking for boga lake you check out your hotel room and leave your less important thing to the hotel manager when we come from boga lake you will stay there again. its help you to walk in the hills easily.)

12 june 2009
ruma bazar to bandarban river
cruise on shangu river
start from ruma ghat to direct bandarban city by boat so that it need umbrella because you must sit at roof of the boat which give you the natural beauty of shango river. in the boat it take 60tk per person. one thing the boat schedule is 8.00am 12.00pm like that very long distance time so that must know boat departure schedule from the ghat line man. we start at 8am and reach at bandarban city at 12.30 pm. then we take lunch and again start for home sweet home....

tabreez mahmud

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